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805.1 Donated Memorial Items

Items may be accepted by the School Board in memory of an individual or event for installation and displayed either inside or outside of the school building. For items displayed inside the school building that are of a personal nature, such as a photograph or item of clothing, such memorabilia should be displayed where the public can view the memorial. After a period of time, not to exceed 15 years, personal items displayed inside the building will be returned to the family members of the deceased.


The Board will consider each memorial request based on the nature of the request and the item or memorial being donated to the district. The Board will consider any maintenance costs to the district of such gifts. Items received become the property of the district and will be used for the purpose for which they were donated. In order to avoid unintentionally offending sensitivities, living memorials, such as planted trees, which are subject to natural decay and disease, will be strongly discouraged in favor of memorial benches and other forms of inanimate gifts.


Approved 1-21-14      Reviewed    2-24-15    12-22-15  5-27-19   Revised