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210.1 Annual Meetings

Each year after August 31 and prior to the organizational meeting of the board in odd-numbered years, the board will hold its annual meeting. 


The board, at this meeting, will also appoint a board secretary and a treasurer.  In the board's discretion, one individual may serve as both the secretary and treasurer.  The board may also appoint the board's legal counsel. 






Legal Reference:     Iowa Code §§ 279.3, .33. 


Cross Reference:    206.3 Secretary 

                              206.4 Treasurer 

                              701.1 Depository of Funds 

                              707 Fiscal Reports 


Approved    11-18-02  Reviewed    4-18-05, 2-20-06, 05-18-15   Revised   3-21-11, 7-22-19