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Bus Driver

East Union Community School District
Job Description
Title: Bus Driver
Reports to:  Transportation Director
Qualifications: 1. Physical abilities to meet job requirements

  1. Valid CDL with required endorsement
  2. Current Iowa School Bus Operator’s Permit
  3. High school diploma or GED preferred
  4. Ability to relate to children and adults 

Physical Requirements/Environmental Conditions

  • Requires prolonged sitting or standing
  • Requires physical exertion to manually move, lift, carry, pull, or push heavy objects or materials
  • Requires stooping, kneeling, crawling, bending, turning, and reaching
  • Requires climbing and balancing
  • Requires driving skills, including ability to operate vehicle at night
  • Requires lengthy travel
  • Must work indoors and outdoors 
  • Must work in noisy, crowded, stressful environments
  • Must work in and around dust, fumes and odors

1.  Essential Functions

    1. Provide clean, safe, and reliable transportation to ensure students enjoy the full advantage of school district programs and activities
    2. Appropriately operate all vehicles and equipment as necessary
    3. Ensure that all activities conform to state school transportation guidelines
    4. Arrive on time and work consistently until the end of his/her scheduled day
    5. Work well with others, maintaining positive and effective communication with school personnel and students
    6. Demonstrate integrity and respect confidentiality
    7. Demonstrate ability to grasp and adjust to new and changing situations
    8. Demonstrate initiative and ability to work without close supervision
    9. Adjust to new and changing situations productively and handle other tasks as assigned 
    10. Support the philosophy and mission of East Union Community School

2.  Essential Responsibilities

  1. Abide by all state school transportation regulations
  2. Maintain assigned schedule
  3. Transport only authorized students
  4. Pick-up and discharge students only at authorized stops
  5. Maintain student discipline and notify Transportation Director and Principal of any discipline issues
  6. Stay in bus, at all times, when students are loading or on bus


  1. Abide by all traffic laws
  2. Inspect bus prior to each route or activity trip and file inspection forms with the Transportation Director
  3. Maintain bus in clean condition and inform the Transportation Director whenever a bus is received in unsatisfactory condition
  4. Immediately notify the Transportation Director of lateness or emergency mechanical failure
  5. Report all accidents and file required accident reports with the Transportation Director
  6. Wash and clean bus on an established schedule
  7. Adhere to district policies at all times
  8. Keep abreast of new information, innovative ideas and techniques
  9. Adhere to all district health and safety polices, including all precautions of the Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan
  10. Other duties as assigned by the Transportation Director or Administrative Staff

Additional Performance Responsibilities for Out of District Transportation:

  1. Exercise responsible leadership on out-of-district school trips
  2. Duties and responsibilities as requested by supervisor may vary from time to time

Additional Performance Responsibilities for Transportation of Students in Special Programs:

  1. Additional responsibilities may include:
  • Assisting with and supervising the use of lift equipment in the transfer of students in wheelchairs
  • Assisting with and supervising ambulatory students moving in and out of the bus
  • Assisting with and supervising the securing of wheelchairs on the bus
  • Checking securing devices for defects
  • Communicating effectively with parents and school

b.   Duties and responsibilities as requested by supervisor may vary from time to time
General Responsibilities
Responsible for other related duties as assigned by the Transportation Director.
Shall conform to all equity rules and regulations relating to nondiscrimination on the basis of gender, race, creed, national/ethnic origin, creed, age, marital status, sexual orientation, or disability.             
Created   ____June, 2009 _______
Board Adopted  __June, 2009____