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Food Service Manager

East Union Community School District

                Job Description


Title: Food Service Manager

Reports to:  Food Service Director




  1. Completion or in process of completion, of approved Food Service Short Courses, deemed necessary by the School District and/or Food Service Director, to accomplish and maintain certification and job position 
  2. The ability to lift up to 50 pounds
  3. Can work in warm and cold conditions
  4. Have manual and mental dexterity to handle kitchen equipment
  5. Ability to stand or walk for prolonged periods of time
  6. Must be courteous and cooperative with manager, employers, employees, students, and school staff
  7. The ability to read and comprehend recipes and directions
  8. The ability to quantitatively increase or decrease recipe sizes as needed
  9. At least two years of experience as a cook


Reports to: Food Service Director

FLSA Status Non-Exempt

Status _____  Full Time ___x__Part Time

___x__Hourly _____  Salary


1. Responsible efficient workflow in the kitchen.


Performance Responsibilities

  1. Verifies that work schedules are followed with efficiency, safety, and speed
  2. Delegates duties in a timely, fair manner to utilize each employee’s capabilities at the highest level 
  3. Trains all new employees and substitutes with job requirements 
  4. Deals with each employee in a calm, polite manner
  5. Helps out where needed to ensure tasks are completed in a timely manner


2. Responsible for coordinating the preparing and serving of meals.


Performance Responsibilities

  1. Verifies quantity of food to be prepared daily utilizing the Daily Production Sheet
  2. Verifies that the serving sizes meet age specific requirements as specified on the Daily Production Sheet
  3. Ensures that meals are prepared according to the planned menu using tested, uniform recipes
  4. Determines if the finished product is of best quality both in flavor and appearance before serving
  5. Ensures meals are prepared on schedule
  6. Oversees that food is served in timely, pleasant manner
  7. Knows how to figure recipes and food items in quantitative amounts
  8. Able to use all kitchen equipment and train personnel to use all equipment
  9. Responsible for economical operation of the kitchen and the avoidance of waste or consistent overproduction of baked items
  10. Oversees portioning and serving of food items, so that the servings meet government requirements for a reimbursable meal
  11. Ensures that each student has a reimbursable meal, requiring them to return for more items if they do not


3. Responsible for supervising and maintaining the highest standards of safety and 

cleanliness of equipment in the kitchen, storerooms, freezers, and lunchrooms.

Performance Responsibilities

  1. Oversees and maintains all kitchen equipment usage and cleaning and oversees daily cleaning, washing, and sterilizing of all dishes, silverware, utensils, countertops, garbage containers, and tables. Ensures that all temps and chemical concentrations are recorded appropriately
  2. Ensures bi-annual cleaning of the kitchen, storeroom, all oven vents and fans, underside of lunchroom tables, and all equipment
  3. Determines that all equipment and carts are in proper working condition at all times.
  4. Ensures that kitchen personnel and substitutes:
    1. Uses kitchen equipment safely, properly and efficiently 
    2. Follows appropriate food safety and sanitation guidelines 
    3. Uses thermometers correctly 
    4. Follows personal sanitation guidelines 
    5. Ensures that all is documented according to HACCP
  5. Ensures that kitchen personnel and substitutes:
    1. Does not wear jewelry or nail polish 
    2. Does wear hair short, sprayed, or tied up and back
    3. Does wear clean clothing, shoes, gloves, and aprons
  6. Fills out a Food Safety Checklist periodically


4. Responsible for inventory.


Performance Responsibilities

  1. Maintains a current inventory of food
  2. Responsible for movement and usage of older food products and loose excess items


5. Responsible for notifying Food Service Director of problems or concerns.


Performance Responsibilities

  1. Reports any accidents or problems occurring in the kitchen in a timely manner
  2. Communicates any problems or possible changes pertaining to food, personnel, or equipment. Any persistent problem must be discussed in length with Director
  3. Maintains a pleasant atmosphere in kitchen by not allowing derogatory remarks that are offensive to employees, students or lunch program. Reports infractions to Director


6. Responsible for arrival and departure equipment check.


Performance Responsibilities

    1. Checks that refrigerators, coolers, and freezers are working properly and records temperatures as specified by HACCP
    2. Verifies all refrigerators, freezers, and storeroom and kitchen doors are closed and locked at departure time
    3. Verifies pilot lights are working correctly, necessary equipment unplugged or turned off, and kitchen windows closed and doors locked as needed


7. Responsible for seeing kitchen laundry is done.


Performance Responsibilities

  1. Washes laundry daily or when needed
  2. Ensures that laundry is folded each day



  1. Responsible for keeping to assigned schedule.


Performance Responsibilities

  1. Notification of sickness one hour (not before 5:30 a.m.) before job begins to insure time for contacting a substitute if needed  
  2. Notification of illness on a daily basis and if a long term illness is determined, on a weekly basis
  3. Punctual in arrival time, ready to work, and works efficiently until hours have been met, few absences
  4. Receives prior approval for all absences from Superintendent (except daily sick leave and “that day” emergency requests) and turns in leave form
  5. Completes time cards monthly and leave form on day of return and sends to office that day; or as designated
  6. Keeps non-working conversation to a minimum


9. Other Essential Functions


Performance Responsibilities

  1. Works with a cheerful, helpful and open-minded attitude
  2. Communicates and works effectively with individuals/departments of the school district and community
  3. Works effectively with community organizations
  4. Supports the philosophy and mission of East Union Community Schools
  5. Ability to get along with and have a positive effect on others. Able to accept directions, changing situations, and work assignments
  6. Dependable in utilizing time appropriately and follows all work rules and policies.  Exemplifies good work habits for other employees
  7. Regularly demonstrates physical, mental, and emotional ability to perform assigned duties
  8. Dresses in appropriate attire, giving special attention to cleanliness, neatness and general grooming
  9. Shows initiative in willingness to assume responsibility by being able to determine priority in work schedule.
  10. Ability to plan constructively for future events, needs or changes.  (Example:  1. Create or try new products; 2. Try new ways of doing job.)


General Responsibilities


  1. Responsible for other related duties.



Responsible for other related duties as assigned by Director.


Shall conform to all equity rules and regulations relating to nondiscrimination on the basis of gender, race, creed, national/ethnic origin, creed, age, marital status, sexual orientation, or disability.             





Created   ____June 2013

Board Adopted  ___________