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Community Resource Coordinator

 East Union School and Community Resource Coordinator   


The East Union School and Community Resource Coordinator demonstrates that he/she meets the following criteria and responsibilities: 



  • Occasional stooping, bending and reaching
  • Must work in noisy and crowded environments



a. Demonstrates habits and skills of continuous inquiry and learning

b. Works collaboratively to improve professional practice and student learning

c. Applies research, knowledge, and skills from professional development opportunities to improve   practice



a. Adheres to board policies, district procedures, and contractual obligations

b. Demonstrates professional and ethical conduct as defined by state law and individual district policy

c. Contributes to efforts to achieve district and building goals

d. Demonstrates an understanding of and respect for all learners and staff

e. Collaborates with students, families, colleagues, and communities to enhance student learning



  1. Ensures that all activities conform to district guidelines
  2. Communicates effectively with members of the school district and community
  3. Works effectively with community organizations
  4. Reacts to change productively and handle other tasks as assigned
  5. Supports the value of an education
  6. Supports the philosophy and mission of East Union Community School


4. PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES:  General Responsibilities

  1. Works closely with school staff and parents to foster strong relationships between home and school
  2. Advocates for families and children
  3. Demonstrates effective interpersonal relationships with others
  4. Actively supports the philosophy and mission of the program
  5. Recruits and interviews prospective personnel; formulate and issue contracts
  6. Creates monthly staff work schedules
  7. Provides for supervision of staff
  8. Prepares staff assessment instruments and completes yearly written evaluations
  9. Updates forms, handbooks, and publicity for Before and After School Program enrollment 
  10. Collects data and submits required quarterly and yearly reports
  11. Collects other data and generates additional reports as requested/required
  12. Makes all budgeting decisions and changes, approves expenditures
  13. Collaborates with board secretary/treasurer to stay current on budget information
  14. Pursues long-term/sustainability funding for program
  15. Writes or assists in writing grant applications
  16. Organizes and follows through with all fundraising projects
  17. Distributes and collects timecards (check for accuracy, submit for board approval)
  18. Distributes paychecks
  19. Bills for tuition, maintains records, evaluates for assistance eligibility, provides DHS contacts for parents, and meets requirements needed to be a DHS care provider
  20. Secures requested equipment and materials (fill requests, write purchase orders, follow-up on invoices/payments)
  21. Approves monthly snack calendar in accordance with USDA requirements
  22. Serves as liaison with food service personnel to assure compliance with state requirements for snack
  23. Facilitates all staff meetings: (create agendas, distribute reminders/notices, and provide comprehensive summary/minutes)
  24. Coordinates events and staff development opportunities/trainings
  25. Involved in opportunities to promote program, such as: registration for Before and After School Program, Elementary Open House, Kids Day at the County Fair, Kindergarten Round-up Parents’ Night, or Lights On Family Event, articles for newspapers, student correspondences, newsletters, district website, community meetings, etc.
  26. Represents program at state and regional meetings; disseminates learned information
  27. Recruits and coordinates services among partners/outside providers and collaborate resources to provide meaningful experiences during early out school day activities, family events, field trips, special guest, etc.
  28. Takes responsibility for seeing that spaces are maintained and secured 
  29. Substitutes for staff when necessary


Community Coordinator Position:

  1. Make families feel welcome and strengthen relationships 
  2. Be the liaison in response to opportunities for collaboration between community organizations and the school
  3. Coordinate action plans for the purpose of strengthening school and family/community communications and relationships
  4. Prepare and distribute parenting and community resource information when available
  5. Attend Family TIES meetings to make interagency connections and gain knowledge of family services available locally 
  6. Attend Afton Community Club meetings monthly to promote services
  7. Maintain and publicize the Eagle TIES Food Pantry, recruiting donations and making distributions
  8. Helps organize the annual Adopt-A-Family Christmas program
  9. Communicates effectively with families assisting to meet their basic needs



Other duties as assigned by the Superintendent, or other Administrative Staff

The Director shall be directly responsible to the Superintendent.