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Facilities (Buildings and Grounds) Manager

East Union Community School District

Job Description


Title:              Facilities (Buildings and Grounds) Manager

Reports to:   Superintendent




·  Physical abilities to meet job requirements

·  Ability to provide leadership and supervise personnel in accordance with district policy, state, and federal mandates

·  Able to work different shifts, days, and/ or schedule

·  Knowledge of emergency procedures and problems related to security

·  Understanding of inventory control

·  Ability to prioritize, organize, and accomplish assigned work

·  Ability to provide a safe, attractive, and comfortable school environment

·  Ability to function within the framework of a school environment



·  High School Diploma or GED; supplemented by demonstrated ability to fulfill the physical requirements of the work; or an equivalent combination of education, training, and experience

·  Experience in supervision of school custodial department or related experience


Physical Requirements/Environmental Conditions

  • Requires prolonged standing
  • Requires physical exertion to manually move, lift, carry, pull, or push heavy objects or materials
  • Requires stooping, kneeling, crawling, bending, turning, and reaching
  • Requires climbing and balancing
  • Must work indoors and outdoors year-round
  • Work environment may include exposure to cold, heat, humidity, and dust, and chemicals


Essential Functions

a.     Help ensure clean and safe facilities

b.     Work well with others, maintaining positive and effective communication with individuals and departments of the school district and community

c.     Able to accept directions, changing situations, and work assignments

d.     Utilize time appropriately and follow all work rules and policies

e.     Exemplify good work habits for other employees

f.      Regularly demonstrate physical, mental, and emotional ability to perform assigned duties

g.     Dress in appropriate attire, giving special attention to cleanliness, neatness and general grooming

h.     Show initiative in willingness to assume responsibility by being able to determine priority in work schedule

i.      Ability to plan constructively for future events, needs or changes (Example: 1. Create or try new products. 2. Try new ways of doing job.)

j.      Support the philosophy and mission of East Union Community School



Essential Responsibilities                                                           

a.    Provide a safe environment for staff and students

b.    Abide by all state health and safety regulations

c.    Maintain consistent and effective communication with custodial staff

d.    Supervise and evaluate work of custodial staff as required

e.    Assist in hiring and termination as required

f.    Order supplies, equipment and repairs as needed

g.    Maintain/supervise care of grounds (snow removal, mowing, etc.)

h.   Supervise parking areas, fields, external parts of school buildings, bus barn and other building structures

i.     Provide written and oral reports as required

j.     Keep abreast of new information, innovative ideas, and techniques

k.   Adhere to all district health and safety polices, including all precautions of the Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan

l.      Complete annual safety training as required by law and district policy

m.   Attend training/workshops as required to stay current with products and procedures


General Responsibilities


Responsible for other related duties as assigned by the Superintendent.


Shall conform to all equity rules and regulations relating to nondiscrimination on the basis of gender, race, creed, national/ethnic origin, creed, age, marital status, sexual orientation, or disability.            


Created                                June, 2010 ______

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