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Secretary Middle School/High School

East Union Community School District

Job Description


Title: Secretary

Building/Department Assignment: Middle School/High School

Reports to:  Building Principal 



A secretary performs a wide variety of duties and manages the processing of a number of records and reports. Most actions are directed by the general policies and precedents of the system, or by the requests of administration. Within the limits of the employee's assigned authority, a secretary is expected to analyze and resolve problems, or consult with his/her supervisor on matters that may have a wider reaching impact. A secretary operates under general directions and is expected to plan and organize work to promote a welcoming and efficient school operation.


  • Earned a High School diploma or advanced degree
  • Demonstrate good communication skills (face-to-face, telephone, email, etc.)
  • Demonstrate keyboarding and computer skills
  • Must be courteous and cooperative with students, school staff, supervisors, and patrons.
  • Must be able to handle and prioritize multiple requests 
  • Must be able to attend to detail and take tasks from start to completion in a timely manner



FLSA Status Non-Exempt

Status _____Full Time _____Part Time

_____Hourly _____Salary


1.  Essential Functions


  1. Works with a cheerful, helpful and open-minded attitude.
  2. Communicates and works effectively with individuals/departments of the school district and students.
  3. Communicates and works effectively with parents and community members.
  4. Supports the philosophy and mission of the East Union School District.
  5. Demonstrates the ability to get along with and have a positive effect on others.  
  6. Is able to accept directions, changing situations and work assignments.
  7. Utilizes time appropriately and follows all work rules and policies. 
  8. Exemplifies good work habits for other employees.
  9. Demonstrates physical, mental, and emotional ability to perform assigned duties.
  10. Dresses in appropriate attire, giving special attention to cleanliness, neatness and general grooming.
  11. Shows initiative in willingness to assume responsibility by being able to determine priority in work schedule.
  12. Stays abreast of new information, innovative ideas, and techniques and plans constructively for future needs or changes.  (Ex. Tries new ways of doing a job, learns new technologies, etc.)


2. Essential Responsibilities


  1. Performs scheduled job in a quick and efficient manner.
  2. Checks at completion of scheduled job to see if others need assistance completing their jobs.
  3. Looks for work to do, plans ahead to see what needs to be done, and uses own initiative to get this work done; unless otherwise directed by supervisor.
  4. Answers telephone and gives information to callers, takes messages, or transfers calls to appropriate individuals.
  5. Ensures that all activities conform to district guidelines.
  6. Completes forms in accordance with school procedures.
  7. Composes, types, and distributes meetings notes, routine correspondence, and reports.
  8. Greets visitors and callers, handles their inquiries, and directs them to the appropriate person(s) according to their needs.
  9. Locates and attaches appropriate files to incoming correspondence requiring replies.
  10. Mails materials and other information related to the needs of the building.
  11. Makes copies of correspondence and other printed material.
  12. Opens, routes, and distributes incoming mail and other material and prepares answers to routine letters.
  13. Schedules and/or confirms appointments for students, parents, patrons, or supervisors.
  14. Sets up and maintains an orderly paper and electronic filing systems for records, correspondence, and other material.
  15. Distributes office passes and notes as directed.
  16. Collects and disburses funds from cash accounts and keeps records of collections and disbursements.
  17. Conducts searches to find needed information, using sources such as the Internet.
  18. Manages projects and contributes to committee and/or teamwork.
  19. Operates electronic mail systems and coordinates the flow of information both internally and with agencies and patrons.
  20. Organizes and processes student registration materials.
  21. Orders and dispenses supplies for office and teachers, maintaining an adequate amount of supplies necessary.
  22. Disperses checks.
  23. Provides services to customers, such as order placement and account information.
  24. Reviews work done by others to check for correct spelling and grammar, ensures that school policies are followed, and recommends revisions.
  25. Provides training and orientation to new staff.
  26. Engages substitute staff as needed.
  27. Operates office equipment such as fax machines, copiers, and phone systems, and uses computers for spreadsheets, word processing, database management, and other applications.
  28. Ensures that all activities conform to district guidelines.


3. Essential Responsibilities Specific to the Position


  1. Distributes records and transcript requests.
  2. Enters and records quarter/semester grades.
  3. Runs grade stickers and applies these to permanent cards and cumulative folders.
  4. Runs final report cards and files these in cumulative folders.
  5. Completes cumulative folders for the school year.
  6. Copies driver’s education material and types final certificates.
  7. Assists with organization and completion of students’ handbook.
  8. Assists with organization and completion of teachers’ handbook.
  9. Assigns students’ lockers.
  10. Assists with final Iowa DE reports.
  11. Completes end of year lunch program reports and prepares reports for next school year.
  12. Collects money from students and parents and enter payment amounts for meal payments into student data system. 
  13. Deposits monies collected for activity accounts and nutrition accounts.
  14. Communicates daily announcements through the website.
  15. Collects teachers’ lesson plans.
  16. Reports the quarterly honor roll.
  17. Maintains midterm grades and ineligible lists.
  18. Assists with the charting and reporting of diagnostic and/or achievement testing/results.
  19. Maintains scheduling and event calendars.
  20. Maintains photo/celebration boards on regular basis.
  21. Completes award certificates.
  22. Reports quarterly attendance to building staff.
  23. Administers first aid to ill/injured students in the absence of the school nurse, according to school policy.
  24. Produces and copies athletic programs.
  25. Keeps track of student athletic physicals.
  26. Maintains a time clock for submission at end of each school month.

4. General Responsibilities


Responsible for other related duties as assigned by the Principal or Superintendent.

Shall conform to all equity rules and regulations relating to nondiscrimination on the basis of gender, race, creed, national/ethnic origin, creed, age, marital status, sexual orientation, or disability.             


Board Adopted  November 17, 2008