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School Business Official/Board Secretary


School Business Official/Board Secretary 

Job Description


Purpose:              The School Business Official/Board Secretary provides care and custody of the records, books, and documents of the Board of Education to ensure efficient and lawful operation of the school district.  To accomplish these tasks the Board Secretary/Business Manager must work closely with the staff and administration of East Union CSD & Diagonal CSD.


Responsible to:                      Board of Directors and Superintendent


Payment Rate:                        Negotiated




  1. Earn a High School diploma or advanced degree
  2. Demonstrate good communication skills (face-to-face, telephone, email, etc.)
  3. Demonstrate keyboarding and computer skills
  4. Demonstrate filing skills
  5. Demonstrate accounting experience
  6. Desire to continue career improvement
  7. Ability to work cooperatively with Board of Education and Administration


Physical Requirements/Environmental Conditions:


  1. Requires prolonged sitting or standing



                                                                        PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES


Essential Functions


  1. Provides care and custody of records, books, and documents of the Board of Education to ensure efficient and lawful operation of the school district
  2. Ensures that all financial activities conform to district guidelines
  3. Appropriately operates all equipment as required
  4. Works with a cheerful, helpful and open-minded attitude.
  5. Communicates and works effectively with individuals/departments of the school district and community
  6. Supports the philosophy and mission of the East Union CSD & Diagonal CSD
  7. Demonstrates habits and skills of continuous inquiry and learning
  8. Works collaboratively to improve professional practice
  9. Demonstrates ability to get along with and have a positive effect on others. Able to accept directions, changing situations, and work assignments
  10. Utilizes time appropriately and follows all work rules and policies. Exemplifies good work habits for other employees
  11. Regularly demonstrates physical, mental, and emotional ability to perform assigned duties
  12. Shows initiative in willingness to assume responsibility by being able to determine priority in work schedule
  13. Reacts to change productively and handles other tasks as assigned
  14. Adheres to board policies, district procedures, and contractual obligations
  15. Demonstrates professional and ethical conduct as defined by state law and individual district policy




General Responsibilities:


  1. Attends all meetings of the Board of Education and keeps an accurate record of proceedings
  2. Provides care and custody of records, books, and documents of the Board of Education
  3. Notifies Board of Education members of upcoming meetings and provides a copy of the minutes to each member
  4. Countersigns all warrants drawn upon the treasurer by order of the Board of Education
  5. Maintains accurate records of transportation maintenance and fuel costs
  6. Prepares contracts for employees
  7. Prepares annual transportation report
  8. Prepares payroll withholding report
  9. Maintains accurate records of payroll, timecards, and Employee Leave Request Form (Leave Request in East Union CSD only)
  10. Keeps a record of all warrants and warrant checks issued showing the number, date and amount thereof, on what fund drawn and the name of the person or party to whom the same are made payable
  11. Opens and keeps an account of expenditures from each fund for which monies have been appropriated, and charges the appropriate fund with the amount of an indebtedness created at the time the indebtedness is incurred
  12. Keeps a record of the amount of money in the treasury and in each particular fund
  13. Keeps a record of all indebtedness
  14. Maintains records of accounts due the Board of Education
  15. Collects and deposits all monies in the approved depositories
  16. Assembles all claims against the Board of Education
  17. Upon order of the Board of Education, invests idle funds within the framework of current state law and in the best financial interest of the district
  18. Provides care and custody of documents representing investment securities owned by the Board of Education, and keeps the Board informed as to maturing dates of such securities
  19. Maintains the Board of Education Policy handbook and notifies administrators of any change in Board Policy
  20. Prepares and submits to Board of Education including:
    • Money received by the treasurer since the last report, and from what sources received
    • Amount of building funds and other special funds, and how invested
    • All money disbursed, and the purposes for which it is expended
    • Balance of the general fund in the hands of the treasurer
    • Balance of bond and interest funds in the hands of the treasurer
    • Number, date, and amount of all bonds issued and retired by the Board
  21. Certifies to the county clerk the annual budget and tax levy
  22. Certifies to the county election office a list of all school offices to be voted upon at each school election, and boundary changes of member districts since the last preceding election, and the voting plan to be used
  23. Annually certifies the State Board of Education a copy of the budget adopted by the district
  24. Annually certifies a copy of adopted budget and financial statements to the Department of Education



-Responsible for other related duties as assigned by Board of Education or Superintendent.


-Shall conform to all equity rules and regulations relating to nondiscrimination on the basis of gender, race, creed, national/ethnic origin, creed, age, marital status, sexual orientation, or disability.